The pandemic has literally made the lifestyle of the people change all around the globe. People are in homes, mostly the corporates has given a option to work from home. The work culture of people have changed. The change of new work style has forced many to make their room and home in to offices , schooling spaces, gyms and more…. Some tips to change the interior treds you have and try ……

1. Pantone Colors 2021: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating

Pantone has released the color for 2021; not one but two – Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. The ‘Ultimate Grey’ is a deep and brooding grey and ‘Illuminating’ is a sunny yellow hue. Both the colors together form a complementary pair. For example, the furnishings can be done in yellow color while doing up the rest of the interiors in the so-called ultimate grey.

2. Light-Colored Wood

The shades of Maple the light colored wood is seen almost as frequently as oak and is usually not a stained a dark color. Whitish cream and amber yellow place a common role in setting it up

It’s commonplace in furniture, flooring, trim, and in places where a palelightcolored wood is needed.

3. Knotted Light Fixtures

This is one trend that we’ve loved lately – knotted light fixtures, a perfect addition to neutral space! It offers a natural, organic texture, and visual interest while staying within a neutral palette.

4. Durable Fabrics

As you head into the new year, you need to realize that you are going to spend more time in your home for work and learning. Fabrics that are durable and can be washed multiple times will be definitely a perfect trend for 2021.

5. Multipurpose Spaces

A living room that is comfortable, usable, and functional is what everyone needs. Making it a multipurpose space allows the family to be together in the same room irrespective of what activity they are pursuing. You can add workspaces or a library or even a gym to your living room.

6. A Snug Space

A space where you can add soft and comfortable elements to – everything combines to make it a perfect place that is totally meant for relaxation. A space where no one is allowed to disturb you – a space where you can feel the warmth, and to be more clear, a space that you crave to be in during the colder months.

7. Edible Gardens

This is one trend that will continue to grow in popularity in 2021! Having an edible garden enables you to create dishes and beverages as you have the ingredients at your fingertips. Great interior designing has come out of a genuine need and if you are planning to spruce up your home in 2021, take a look at the above design trends. Whether it’s a new home or renovating your existing home, it’s important to choose the aesthetic wisely. And if you ever feel it is a tough job to do by yourself, take the assistance of Skytree Interio, who gets the task done with perfection and durability.