The truth is, if heaˆ™s that insecure itaˆ™s because he has got reasonable self confidence about the love

The truth is, if heaˆ™s that insecure itaˆ™s because he has got reasonable self confidence about the love

Can somebody explain what is going on?

My ex bf and I dated for almost 6 months, eventually out of no place I arrived home from lunch and we experienced a massive battle about one thing absurd I didn’t tell him, to him it actually was a big deal because my personal ex came to my task to harass me personally. Afterwards fight he broke up with me personally and reported he wished myself out of the house, I advised him i desired to operate issues away but he did not want to. We moved out therefore the same nights We left he sent myself random messages with pictures of a single of our own dogs getting sad plus the remark aˆ?are your pleased buyers happy hr ruined our very own life for the latest guyaˆ? partners days went by and I made an effort to find how to fix our very own concern without any fortune.

One-night the guy cane over and checked my telephone which had an email to my closest friend from youth advising your that my ex and I broke up and that I failed to know very well what accomplish. My ex had gotten furious and left right away saying I happened to be a liar. With this past 3 months I discovered he or she is witnessing another girl and confronted your because he keeps attempting to make myself resemble i am the main one witnessing other people, the guy considered me personally aˆ?as very much like I hate to inform your the woman is perhaps not my personal girlfriendaˆ? this female and I also have friends in common and they keep referring to instagram post of her and my ex on gym or your cleansing their vehicle or her expenses the evening at my outdated house.

Scorpio boys posses confidence problems

Funny usually newer female comes with the same bday as mine so they are having her to do those things the guy planed regarding me. Therefore for my personal bday my personal mothers purchased myself a violation to be on vacation, I pointed out it to your in which he answered aˆ? I can not do this, easily cannot trust your while you are right here, just how was I going to depend on your in another state, I cannot let this harmed myself nor considercarefully what you will end up doingaˆ?. Your day afterwards dialogue i obtained into an auto accident in which he also known as me personally claiming he had been incredibly stressed, I told your I became okay, he expected what happened and I also told your the Truth, I happened to be leaving a bar after I obtained my pals and getting them homes, the guy texted me the next day he know just what I did and whom I happened to be with (not one person certainly) so the guy had a need to stop conversing with me and stop me that he have not prevent me personally at this time, I informed your that okay but when you recognize your shed a great lady that treasured both you and need the next along with you i’m going to be far gone.

This is 2-3 weeks in the past, he labeled as myself final tuesday and then he is troubled beside me because the guy stated he desired to mention one thing vital with me but we ruined they because I became talking-to an innovative new guy.

Hi MV! They’re created together with them. The guy seems he isn’t suitable or which he cannot provide you with everything have earned making him afraid that you’ll create him for an individual else who are able to give you everything have earned. Make sense? Him sabotaging products is his means of indicating that you’ll keep him helping to make no awareness because he’s the main one pushing. Tell him you are not talking-to anybody else of course he cannot overcome his insecurities then you definitely’re going to need give up. Simply tell him your admire yourself and need to make sure you’re not getting harm. He probably will not like this but he’s going to must consider this and determine if he however wants to perform that way or if he understands it really is HIS complications and solutions they. If only you all the best!