Tesla Wall Connector Installment. Introduction: Tesla Wall Structure Connector Setting Up

Tesla Wall Connector Installment. Introduction: Tesla Wall Structure Connector Setting Up

Having bought a Tesla, I had to develop to get ready my personal storage your recharging system. In the US, the vehicle has a charging wire that plugs into a general NEMA 14-50 plug used in an electrical oven. Therefore the typical setting up is to merely install the socket into the garage and you’re complete. While this works fine, I wanted to help keep a charging cable tv during my car for once I take long trips. I really could merely disconnect the one that was included with the vehicle, but I wanted a long lasting solution.

Tesla helps make what they call a “Wall Connector” for long lasting installations. Tesla recently launched generation two of the product which allows they to work at numerous present amounts being support a range of installations solutions. The wall structure Connector is a great answer for a fixed set up, but since Tesla makes use of a proprietary car connector, it restricts mobility to alter to a non-Tesla car down the road. My personal answer were to install the recommended NEMA 14-50 plug following incorporate a compatible connect towards Tesla wall surface Connector.

Step One: The Section. There are just three needed section because of this project:

2: Preparing the Cord

The wire boasts with band terminal connectors and an adjustable strain comfort bracket. Making use of a screwdriver, loosen any risk of strain relief bracket and fall it off the cable. This bracket is not required and can be disgarded.

The NEMA 14-50 plug possess four conductors (two hots, simple, and ground), but just three are expected because of this installment. Cut the band connections from the red-colored (hot), black colored (hot), and environmentally friendly (floor) wiring. Slice the white (neutral) cable tv down seriously to the sheath. The installation guide advises that all the cables are stripped 3/4 inch. I would suggest to remove the red and black 3/4 inches, but best remove the ground 1/2 inch since the terminal is not as deep. Read More