We Skytree Interio provides the best kitchens for flat or villa, Your home can be a masterpiece with our customized designs .We have different kinds of kitchens which fits perfectly with your space. Customized modular kitchens of skytree interio fits perfectly on to any budget. The make of kitchen starts with a measurement taken by our experts and after the first round of discussion our designers brainstorm to make perfect kitchens as per your need and preference

Once the client is completely satisfied with the drawings and specifications, company produces modular kitchen from own factory. A team of experienced technicians perform installation on site with perfect co-ordination. This professional interior design company can execute a work within 45 working days of finalization of drawings.

Below are the most popular types of modular kitchen designs by SKYTREE INTERIO



Kitchen of a house should be made and maintained in proper shape, design and color. Everything should be arranged perfectly to match the requirements. L-shaped kitchens from D`LIFE are 100% customized to fit the space. Various options are given below which can further be modified and made as per a design finalized. These L shape kitchen models are available to visit and view in our showrooms at Kerala, Bengaluru and Tamil Nadu. Beige, cocoa, cedar, cyclone, ebony, talisman etc are some of the samples under L shape.


Parallel kitchen is the concept of making cabinets on both the longer sides, especially as per the suitability to the space measured. Our interior designer would be able to help you decide the shape, color, and finish by giving suggestions. Visit our show room near to your place either at Cochin, Trivandrum, Kottayam or Calicut. View the designs below and select as per your preference and then let us discuss further. Some of the samples of parallel modular kitchen made in Kerala are pearl, misty, coral and turmeric.


A big space can accommodate a straight kitchen with difference from commonly used styles. Best of the efforts are made by our team of interior designers in Cochin, Kottayam, Trivandrum, Calicut, Bengaluru & Chennai to provide unique ideas and concepts in making modular kitchens to suit the space and match with the house. Glossy, mystic, blackcurrant, siam, moroccan, tanned etc are some of the sample designs under straight kitchen that can be made and installed in Kerala.


U-shaped kitchen is a kitchen design with work-spaces on three sides with cabinets. It’s an efficient design that provides plenty of work space and allows for ample storage. Designed to be user-friendly and clutter-free, this kitchen design keeps all your appliances or cooking essentials in perfectly in place. U-shaped kitchens from D`LIFE are 100% customized to fit the space. You can visit one of our showrooms in Kerala, Bengaluru or Tamilnadu to view and discuss with our interior designers. Have a look at some of our stunning U shaped kitchen designs below.